Buck Rogers in Planet Outlaws




Cartoonist and writer Josh Way riffs this, the epic space saga of our – of ALL – time. You like rockets? I thought so. We got rockets. We got ray guns. We got helmets that make you stupid. We got a GIRL who flies SPACE SHIPS. Join Lt. Buck Rogers – the unfrozen 20th century adventurer – and his ineffectual sidekick Buddy as they battle against the evil Killer Kane and his Outlaw Army for ultimate space supremacy in the 25th century. Bill Corbett of Mystery Science Theater 3000 says “Josh Way is the real thing, baby!” Josh is the creator of the comic strip Strewth! (strewthcomic.com), a contributor to Mike Nelson’s Rifftrax.com and a writer for the Incognito Cinema Warriors XP.

80 mins.


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