The Incredible Petrified World




Cartoonist and writer Josh Way provides humorous commentary on this 1957 “classic” from Jerry Warren, the director of “Teenage Zombies” and “The Wild World of Batwoman.” “Petrified World” stars John Carradine and Phyllis Coates and tells the story of four unfortunates who sink beneath the ocean in the world’s smallest diving bell, get lost in the world’s boringest caves, and meet a man with the world’s fakiest beard. It’s all sweetened by haphazard editing and more stock footage than you can shake a stalactite at. Also includes a bonus short, “Gossip.” Bill Corbett of Mystery Science Theater 3000 says “Josh Way is the real thing, baby!” Josh is the creator of the comic strip Chronicle (, a contributor to Mike Nelson’s and a writer for the Incognito Cinema Warriors XP.


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